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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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county./gçeriff's department going through time line of today's events and confirming that one sheriff deputy was killed today. in shootouts this, began when the office received a call of a stolen vehicle in the 1200 block of club view drive near big bear. authorities conducted a search and spot that had vehicle at highway 38 and glass road. that is where the spektd fled into the forest and entered a cabin. this is in the angeles oaks area. this is an area we're seeing now. a fire broke out in that cabin. and this is the situation that we're dealing with now. gunfire reported at this location. a single shot was also heard shortly after that fire began. let's go up to bill thomas now.
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>> a lot of cabins are built.dgh with solid wood. it's showing no signs of slowing down. we can't get too close to it. the picture can be fuzzy at times. this is a flight restricted area. we're keeping the shot from five miles out. it's where everyone's safety. there is a shot with the camera acting up because we're flying through what is known as freezing temperatures there. is a shot again. the cabin continues to burn and with the flames dying down will continue to smolder and there could be a possibility of fires in that cabin. they also heard other ammunition going off. it's not going to be safe to enter that until they get eyes on that suspect to find out where is he at. they're flying in additional s.w.a.t. officers maybe a
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canine unit from the airport which is about 10-12 under flight time. he we think they're going lanld, off load crews then work together to find out when and how they're going enter. now this, is as tight as we can get. there is lingering white smoke. flames are dying down. we don't believe firefighters putting water on it. this is to make sure flames don't spread to structures or bruk or trees in the area.eyñnu >> thank you very much. reports of course of ammunition in the fire, this team seems to indicate it is, that he talked abouthw+v explosives capabilities as in terms of keeping
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firefighters back we have our inland empire bureau chief live where this is happening. he's near barton flights with the latest from there. >> we're about two and a half miles east of glass road and highway 38. that is where this is all happening so as far as it fly weerz about three or four we have not heard any gunshots but as we watch this cabin continue to with engulfed in flames one of the things we continue to think about is christopher dorner inside of the cabin. it's presumably surrounded since he bursed into the cabin. there was a gun fight at that cabin z it's been surrounded ever since. but we've seen a long through
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a gun fight and got away from that, gunned down two police officers sh one died. and now we have a situation here, all day long we've been watching these chp officers closed off the highway with hands on the rifles and scanning the forest all around us. because again, that was one of the reason yz the highway up here werez[m[,j-ñ they just did not know for sure that christopher dorner was still in that cabin. something else that one source has been speculating is recall he has scuba gear. if used properly can help protect someone from smoke inhalation. can't do anything as far as heat but can protect the suspect if still alive inside
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of the house from smoke intall halation. we're going to set the scene here as to what led up before this this, afternoon. u.s. marshals going to be clearing a cabin here. they cleared the scene and all vehicles left code three, lights and sirens. this is around 12:15, 12:20. as we were headed to thate w location, glass road and highway 38 were the stolen vehicled
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we heard reports two of officers down wex heard what happened at that vehicle theft. also on the police scabber we heard reports two women were tied up and held hostage in that cabin for an undisclosed amount of time. when the suspect left a suspect they describe to us or a family member was in fact christopher dorner wex spoke with the family member who talked with yale tiffs about three hours ago. >> i just got a text from my wife. they run a resort and he'd tied them in, broken in and tied them up. stole the car. >> what kind of a car? >> this it was a marine
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nissan. i've been asked not to say names or anything now. they're okay, as far as we know, they're fine. he just stole a car. he wanted the car. >> you're watchingly. a water tender fire department is just passed the check point here headed towards the scene this, is the first time we've seen nij nin from the fire department heading in, getting prepared for when law enforcement clears that scene and renders it safe to go m to put the fire out. one other note as far as two people allegedly held hostage the sheriff's department has not confirmed that. that is a report received over scanner traffic and in speaking with a relative, they told that relative if they were not harmed by dorner it
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was dorner holding them hostage. they were uninjured and they're now telling their story to sheriff deputies at the big area sheriff station. as far as situation here highway 38 still closed we're just two miles away from angeles oaks for the public they will not allowed east or coming into the area they will not be aloud past forest falls. a lot of work to be done down below. >> if it is christopher dorner responsible for+[aax death today that would bring his toll up to four that we believe he is suspected of killing and irvine couple were
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killed on february 3. a riverside officer michael crane, 34vthdx years old, marrid father two of. who wiz killed on thursday morninging in riverside, then, today, this sheriff's deputy shot along with another deputy. the other deputy expected to survive, he's in surgery at loma linda medical center. >> right now we have robert olguin staking out that hospital all day and joins us now with latest information on the people who were brought there. robert? >> very somber day. one deputy is in surgery right now and is expected to survive. the second deputy might die here at the hospital this after the noon. we'll go to video now we shot earlier ted.
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these were medical evacuations. thes were transported here and they went into immediate care. as mentioned one of them and and a second one in5ei surgery e spoke to the sheriff a little while ago. it's to describe what happened and how the department is coping. let's take a listen now. >> the person this vehicle was stolen described the suspect matching a description of christopher dorner. our deputies able to locate the vehicle. christopher dorner, we believe is christopher dorner ran into the forest. gunfire occurred between deputy sheriffs and suspect. one of our deputy sdz injured and being treated here. unfortunately one of our
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deputies passed away as a result of the injuries. >> and you're looking at the front of the medical center. you can see several deputies gathered around it. they tell us this is the department coming together. this is a brotherhood and tightly night. another thing to note if the two that were responding to this report knew that this may have involved christopher dorner he said yes because they'd been alert that had someone matching this description may have been driving that stolen car. they knew they're pursuing a dangerous suspect. he ran into the woods there, they got into a fire fight. that is when one was fatally wounded by a shot.!qg >> we have live pictures now from the san bernardino
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airport. it's our third helicopter over the san bern county airport, you can see this is a staging area for multiple law enforcement agencies, including lapd and the l.a. county sheriff's department. we're told l.a. city fire has three helicopters here as well. there are also officers from lapd metropolitan division staged here. this is been extraordinary 10 days or so we've been dealing with this situation. a man promised war fair against los angeles police department and promising to fight it out to the death that he was not afraid of death we've seen two different
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talking about losing their officers within a few days of each other. it's been a week in which law enforcement officers have been targets. they've been hunted as well as as well as hunters and lapd the center of it all this, officer was fired by l.a. police department for allegedly lying about a fellow officer on an official report. carlos grand is watching it unfold and joins us now with an update. >> lapd is in communication was the san bernardino sheriff's department getting information from the big bear area. they're part of the same joint task force working on the christopher dorner case. when updating us they did stress it is the lead agency.
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>> los angeles police department are waiting there for auj saigs to assist them. this is a san bernardino county sheriff investigation this, is their lead. support them. >> lapd officers concerned the suspect might have access to tv and could learn movements. lapd has a message for him. >> if he's watching this the message is enough is enough. turn yourself n it's time to stop the blood shed. time to let this event and incident be over. >> police chief is here monitoring the situations. officials say if the situation changes any kind of res vigs to what's happening they'll come out here to give an update. >> we're seeing live pictures. the firehqjo÷ continues to burnn
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the 4,000 block of oaks road. that is about 10 miles south of big bear lake. it's believed christopher dorner was holed up inside of the cabin and involved in a gun battle there. and about 4:15 a fire broke out. shortly after that, a single gunshot was heard followed by more explosions believed to be april anything going off in the fire. bill?p8jç >> the fire continues to burn made with good, solid wood proving to be good kindeling perhaps for hours. big bright flames starting to dwindle just a bit. the fire has been confined to just one structure.
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winds very calm, there is still snow on the ground and hasn't spread to other structures. they're waiting for to it die out and burn down tob1ñr the ground. you'll see camera there that. is because we're flying in freezing temperatures this is zero degrees and colder. so part onthat picture, we're going to bring you that cabin still burning away here in barton flats. live from air 7 hdabc 7 eyewitness news. >> we understand difficulties facing everybody the temperatures will be a factor. it's interesting going back over last few days discussion of whether heáp÷ was still up there and how people were
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saying there is no way he could have survived. we had a snow storm dumping snow in the mountains over the last day, 48 hours. and the thinking is that he was probably long gone. we reported last night about a raid where police thought he might have been in tee juana, mountain and made it through somehow. and that he dumped a truck there. it appears he's been up there the entire time and tried to do his best to keep and stay down load low. >> it's a huge response on thursday when this burned out vehicle was found in the big bear area. that is when the snow fell. his tracks went cold. theyú.x disappeared and authorities stayed up there and continued to search.
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they searched cabinó]a=s they couldn't get to every property th. this isn't that close to the initial search this, is about 10 to 15 miles away. that is near big bear lake. this is farther south. >> there is a fire road leading down to this area or to the area where the hostages y taken. and some folks have been saying he could have just walked down that fire road in where he held those two women hostage.
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near mentone, now, more information from her side of the story. she's alongside a highway. it appears nobody is relaxing at this point. >> there is no relaxing here. the situation is tense. it has been since afternoon. there was a sighting of dorner possibly in angeles oaks area. only accessible by a road we're standing on here this is highway 38 and will be shut down for remainder of the evening. that is not good news for residents. you can see there down the path that is where a lot of that police presence is taking place. we heard from the sheriff spokesperson just moments ago she held a press conpresence and gave us a run down, a time line, if you will of what this
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situation was. they said had there is an active search in big bear going on when there was a report of a vehicle stolen in the big area area near club view drive. the report is that the suspect looked like christopher dorner puties here they jumped in action. they did spot a dodge pick up and we're told the department engaged the suspect and fire fired -- gunfire was exchanged but the san bernardino county deputies then engaged him. we're told he fled from his truck, ditching it, then ran into cabins and that is when he exchanged gunfire with deputies. striking one.
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we're told one is going recover. so this is kind of the situation right now as reported to us from the sheriff deputy spokeswoman here on scene.ñ9r÷ the road block does remain in place. i can tell you they're sending a lot of equipment into that area to presumely knock down walls in that cabin and also setting up lighting to light the scene it's starting to get dark. sun just starting to set here in the area. reporting live abc 7. >> we're going check in now with alex mike yimson near big bear to update us on his location. ellis? >> we've arrived at san bernardino county sheriff's station here in big bear and understand two women
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apparently tied up by christopher dorner they're to by sheriff did deputies sharing what they know. and being protected. there is an extraordinary presence of security around here. >> we're going to break away from this. stay with us for continuing updates on this breaking news story throughout the evening and an update for you on our web site abc 7 >> before we believe leave you for the moment let's check in on the weather with the accu-weather forecast. >> yes. as we look behind me here, we have blue skies. it's about to turn warmer. we may see showers following. in the short term we'll be dealing with the fog that will sneak back up to the coast
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tonight. and that fog will be with us over the mourning hours, give yourself extra time. you may need to bundle up. it will be chilly 35 in napa, 37, san rafael, fremont, 35 degrees in livermore. san jose, san mateo, half moon bay into low 40s. your afternoon highs for wednesday blue skies and mid-60s for nappa. 62 degrees in oakland. 60 in san francisco. 64 in concord. looking at the accu-weather forecast morning fog gives way to sunshine and check out the valentine's day forecast. i'm bringing you sunshine. mid up toer 60s thursday.
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cooler heading into weechblgtd much cooler by prepz's day. and by tuesday, live doppler 7 may be tracking showers both computer models in agreement so enjoy warmth and nice looking weather coming your way for valentine's day. showers back before you know it. live from the rf of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya pat yes.. >> thank you. >> ideas of what is going to happen tonight. you can watch the state of the union address tonight live at 6:00 p.m. senator marco rubio will deliver the republican response. >> wheel of fortune followed by the chef competition, the taste at 8:00.
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>> modern family, body of proof followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> programming notes jeopardy fans teen week show being preempted we're not skipping any episodes we're going slide them by one day so the finale is saturday instead frif. >> we've been following breaking news and leave you for just a moment1rr5i we want o leave you with another live picture outside los angeles. stand jf we believe has come to an end for christopher dorner. this cabin we believe he has been holed up is engulfed in flames. >> we're going to continue to monitor this for you on twitter and abc news bay area, he's accused of killing three people prior to this, another deputy died today. >> world news with diane saw jer up next. see you for the staift of the
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from washington, d.c. and tonight, we begin with breaking news. a shootout in the mountains of california, as police appear to close in on the former cop accused of a murderous rampage. making his case. what the president will say tonight about jobs and gun violence in america. >> we'll find out tonight. what's next? we show you where pope benedict will live after he resigns.
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and will one of these men make history as the new pope? good evening from washington, d.c. we are here to cover the president's state of the union address tonight. but we begin with the breaking news at this hour, out of california. police closing in on the former cop accused of the murder rampage. christopher dorner exchanging fire with s.w.a.t. teams. officers wounded, images streaming in of police officers, guns drawn, searching cars. and abc's cecilia vega is there to tell us what is happening right now. cecilia? >> reporter: diane, good evening. the situation is still ongoing. and this is what we know. two officers have been shot and one fatally --


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